Dead Forever - Live at Sphere - Las Vegas 2024

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Dead Forever – Live at Sphere: Dead and Company’s Unforgettable 2024 Residency

Dead and Company, The band that carries legacy of the legendary Grateful Dead, has announced an exciting residency called “Dead Forever – Live at Sphere” for 2024. This tour promises to blend the iconic sound and spirit of the Dead with cutting-edge technology at one of the most innovative venues in the world, the Sphere in Las Vegas. Here, we’ll dive into the origins of this tour, the schedule and content of the shows, special guests, the unique venue, historical connections, and some intriguing facts about this much-anticipated residency.

1. The Idea Behind the Tour

The concept of "Dead Forever - Live at Sphere" emerged from a desire to merge the timeless music of Dead and Company with a state-of-the-art immersive experience. The idea was to create a concert series that not only honors the Grateful Dead's rich history but also pushes the boundaries of live music performances. The Sphere, located at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, was chosen for its state-of-the-art technology that allows for an unprecedented level of visual and auditory engagement, aim to provide fans with an experience that is both nostalgic and futuristic. The residency is designed to be a celebration of the band's enduring legacy, as well as a showcase of their continued innovation and relevance in the music world.

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Dead & Co Dead Forever Live At Sphere Las Vegas 2024 Shirt Sweatshirt

2. Schedule and Show Content

The residency at the Sphere will run from May 16 through June 22, 2024. During this period, Dead and Company will perform eighteen shows over six weekends. Each weekend will feature three unique performances, ensuring that fans who attend multiple shows will experience a variety of setlists and musical explorations.

  • Week 1: May 16-18: The opening weekend will set the tone for the residency, featuring a mix of classic Grateful Dead hits and newer material. Expect to hear beloved songs like "Touch of Grey," "Scarlet Begonias," and "Sugar Magnolia," interspersed with tracks from their latest projects.
  • Week 2: May 23-25: This weekend will delve deeper into the Dead's extensive catalog, highlighting rarities and fan favorites such as "Dark Star," "St. Stephen," and "Terrapin Station." The band will also incorporate extended jams and improvisations that showcase their musical prowess.
  • Week 3: May 30-June 1: The midpoint of the residency will feature themed nights, including a tribute to the 1970s era of the Grateful Dead, complete with period-appropriate setlists and visual effects.
  • Week 4: June 6-8: This weekend will focus on the band’s collaborations and influences, featuring covers of songs by artists who have inspired the Dead over the years. Expect surprising renditions of tracks by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and more.
  • Week 5: June 13-15: The penultimate weekend will revisit the Dead's more experimental and psychedelic works, with performances of "The Other One," "Eyes of the World," and "Playing in the Band."
  • Week 6: June 20-22: The closing weekend will be a grand finale, blending all elements of the previous shows and featuring encore performances of the most popular songs of the residency. Special surprises are expected to cap off the series in spectacular fashion.
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Dead And Co Live At Sphere Shirt Las Vegas June 1 2024 Poster T Shirt

3. Special Guests

While Dead and Company have not officially announced specific guest performers for the "Dead Forever - Live at Sphere" residency, it is highly anticipated that several notable musicians will join them on stage. Given the band's history of collaborations, fans might see appearances by artists who have influenced or been influenced by the Grateful Dead. Potential guests could include:

  • Bob Dylan: Given his history with the Dead and their joint tours, Dylan's appearance would be a significant highlight.
  • Carlos Santana: Known for his legendary guitar skills and past collaborations with the Dead, Santana's presence would add a unique flavor to the performances.
  • Trey Anastasio: The Phish frontman has played with Dead and Company members before and could bring a fresh jam-band dynamic to the shows.
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Dead And Co Live At Sphere Shirt Las Vegas June 8 2024 Poster Tank Top Racerback

4. The Sphere: A Unique Venue

The Sphere in Las Vegas is one of the most technologically advanced concert venues in the world. Developed by Madison Square Garden Entertainment, the Sphere is designed to offer an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional concert settings. Here are some key features:

  • Visual Technology: The Sphere boasts the highest resolution LED screen in the world, wrapping around the audience to create an all-encompassing visual spectacle. This technology allows for breathtaking visuals that complement the music.
  • Audio Experience: The venue uses a revolutionary audio system that provides crystal-clear sound to every seat in the house. This ensures that the intricate details of Dead and Company's music are heard perfectly, regardless of where you sit.
  • Design and Comfort: The Sphere is designed to maximize comfort and accessibility, with spacious seating and state-of-the-art facilities. The venue also includes various interactive elements that engage the audience throughout the performance.
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Dead And Co Live At Sphere Shirt Las Vegas May 31 2024 Poster Long Sleeve Tee

5. Historical Connections

Dead and Company’s "Dead Forever - Live at Sphere" residency is deeply connected to the Grateful Dead’s storied history of live performances. The Grateful Dead were pioneers of the live music experience, known for their extended jam sessions, innovative use of technology, and a community-focused approach to concerts.

  • Legacy of Live Shows: The Grateful Dead's history is marked by legendary live performances at iconic venues such as the Fillmore West, Madison Square Garden, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. These shows were characterized by their spontaneity, musical exploration, and a unique connection with the audience.
  • Technological Innovation: The Grateful Dead were early adopters of advanced sound systems and recording techniques. Their use of the Wall of Sound in the 1970s set a new standard for live sound quality. The Sphere’s cutting-edge technology continues this legacy of innovation.
  • Cultural Impact: The Grateful Dead fostered a sense of community among their fans, known as Deadheads, who followed the band from show to show. This sense of belonging and shared experience is a cornerstone of the "Dead Forever - Live at Sphere" residency.
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Dead And Co Live At Sphere Shirt Las Vegas May 30 2024 Poster V Neck TShirt

6. Fun Facts about the Tour

  • First Residency: This is Dead and Company's first residency, marking a significant milestone in the band’s career and offering fans a unique opportunity to see multiple shows in one location.
  • Interactive Elements: The Sphere’s technology will allow for interactive elements during the shows. Fans might be able to influence visual effects or participate in real-time polls that affect the setlist.
  • Commemorative Merchandise: Special merchandise will be available exclusively at the Sphere, including limited edition posters, T-shirts, and other memorabilia that celebrate the residency.
  • Environmental Initiatives: The tour will incorporate eco-friendly practices, including sustainable merchandise and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the performances.


"Dead Forever - Live at Sphere" is set to be a landmark event for Dead and Company and their fans. This residency combines the timeless music of the Grateful Dead with the latest in concert technology, creating an experience that is both a tribute to the past and a step into the future. With a rich schedule of shows, potential special guests, and the unique setting of the Sphere, this tour promises to be a highlight of 2024. Whether you are a longtime Deadhead or a new fan, "Dead Forever - Live at Sphere" is an event not to be missed.